What is the most popular female wig?

Wigs are mostly common to be known to females that the other gender, this is because females undergo a lot more hair issues as compared to males. Hair loss condition is common to both males and females but the occurrence of it to females is much more pronounced. There are so many factors and conditions that can cause the loss of hair whether in a small area or a large section of the scalp. Among the conditions for hair loss to women include pregnancy, diseases such as thyroid disorders, and anemia. skin conditions especially affecting the scalp can also be a cause of hair loss such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. The most area pronounced to hair loss effect is usually the hairline or the crown area of the head.

What are top hairpieces?

Females experiencing loss of hair always opt to choose methods to cover up the affected regions of the head by using top hairpieces such as crown hair extensions. These extensions are mainly attached to your natural hair with clips that are secure and they provide instant transformation on your looks giving your hair a volume increase too.

It is an obvious fact that the right beautician and the right type of hairpiece can change what you look like and feel, particularly assuming you’re prepared to cover up the regions that lost hair with top hairpieces. With these top hairpieces, you can redo your look with added length and spectacular volume resulting in about a complete change!

Depending on the kind of look you are aiming to achieve these clip-on-top hairpieces are your best bet in this and they give the best and excellent mysterious result.

Why choose these top hairpieces?

when solving the problem of hair loss, there are many choices available like medicines and supplements, shampoos and conditioners, and certain hair oils, scrubs, and even surgeries can be done too which the process is referred to as hair transplant. All these methods usually don’t work most of the time and even the hair transplant might still not give the best result as expected. We now get back to the easiest and fastest solution that is the top hairpieces, they arent as expensive as the other methods and the most advantage to it is they provide an instant solution to the problem.

How long can these top hair pieces be used?

No doubt, the most well-known inquiry about these top hairpieces and extensions usually leans towards how long do they last?. There are a lot of variables influencing everything, except one thing is beyond a shadow of a doubt: the life span of your top hairpiece will rely upon the type you pick.

This its referring to the material used in making the hairpiece. The material used in the making of these hair toppers is effectively the most high-sway factor with regards to how long they’ll endure. Generally, there are two kinds of materials commonly used in the making which can either be human hair or manufactured hair also known as synthetic hair. We have discussed a couple of times about these two kinds of hair materials and am sure we all have an idea about the two kinds and their advantage and disadvantages each respectively.

manufactured or synthetic versus human hair toppers is ordinarily the best option you’ll need to make, with manufactured hair toppers typically being more affordable than most human hair toppers. There are a couple of choices for manufactured hair toppers but with manufactured hair toppers, it should be noted that they will not last long as the human hair kind, and so yet human hair toppers are for the most part the smartest choice. Indeed, human hair top hairpieces last quite a bit longer than manufactured so when you crunch the numbers, they’re a vastly improved worth!

UNIWIGS top hairpieces for loss of hair to women;

3″ X 5″ GRANIA FULL SKIN HUMAN HAIR TOPPER | SCALP LOOKING | LOW DENSITY: UniWigs Grania Hair Topper is one of our new and hot sale top hairpieces for crown hair extensions. The topper is made entirely from 100% Human Hair, which makes it a versatile hair topper that can be styled however you want and with heat styling tools. This top hairpiece is designed to add natural hair volume and also to offer coverage for thinning area at the top of your head. Its made of a 100% full skin base that allows multi-directional styling with the most realistic look, creating the appearance of natural hair growth. And the bonus point of it is that the Elle topper has no hair return, perfect for those who dislike the short hair on top.

Special features:

1.100% Human Hair: Offers the most natural look and feel, it can be styled with heat tools like your own hair.
2.100% full skin base: Creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted and allows you to part the hair in any direction.
3.3″x5″: Perfect for women who have thinning top & parts and want a lightweight topper.

5″X6″ EMILY | FULL HAND-TIED MONO REMY HUMAN HAIR TOPPER: This Emily hair topper is a human hair top piece with a base of  5″x6″ that is soft and a well-ventilated Monofilament base. The topper has been designed to add gorgeous hair volume and coverage over the top or crown area, this hairpiece can be the perfect solution for the ladies suffering from the beginning and mid/progressive stages of loss of hair. This crown hair extension topper can be used to cover up hair loss issues and bring a new look for you at work, among friends and peers, and even bring to you a boost of confidence.

Special features:

The 100% hand-tied full Monofilament base, flexible to contour easily, can allow you to create a free parting line in any direction and integrate it with your hair for a supremely natural look.
100% Human Hair: Offers the most natural look and feel, it’s less likely to tangle and can be styled with heat tools like your own hair.
Full Monofilament Base – Full Mono Base creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted and allows you to part the hair in any direction.


Taking care of the top hairpieces:
All of this relies upon how well you’re dealing with your hair toppers or the top hairpieces. Picking the best and safe cleanser and conditioner for the toppers is far the best choice if by any chance you want to give your topper a wash day. Also brushing your top hairpieces consistently, and taking additional hair strands while styling proves to be very helpful and important in protecting your top hairpiece from damage. If necessary avoid too much washing of the hairpiece and always keep it dry and store it in a cool dry place hanged on a hair doll or specialized wig storage unit to keep it from tangling and ensuring it last longer.



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