5 Questions and Answers about Hair

Is it enough to see your hair once a month for fast growth? Are hair masks more useful than conditioners? Is it true that the washing habits and hair tips circulating on the internet are not true? Let’s find out the truth about hair health!

Question 1: Can frequent trimming speed up the growth of hair?

Answer: Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. Regular trimming will trim off split ends or damaged sections from styling, resulting in healthier hair overall, but it has nothing to do with the growth of hair at the root. Generally speaking, hair grows at a rate of about 1.25cm a month, so even if you trim it every week, it won’t grow any faster.

Question 2: Should I start applying shampoo from the top of my head?

Answer: Most people have the habit of placing shampoo on the greasiest part of the head and rubbing it in with water to create a lather. In fact, this is a dangerous practice and is responsible for hair loss and baldness on the top of the head. The area that first comes into contact with the shampoo is the most difficult to rinse out thoroughly and can easily be left with shampoo residue. The correct way to do this is to rub the shampoo into the palm of your hand with water to create a rich lather and then apply it evenly to the hair. For long hair, you can place the foam on the hair shaft (mid-hair) and gradually rub it into the scalp at the top of the head to reduce the damage caused by shampoo residue on the scalp.

Question 3: If I use the same shampoo for a long time, will my hair become immune to it?

Answer:Shampoo only does what it is supposed to do – which is to cleanse your hair. The chemicals in shampoos can improve the hair’s texture, but with long-term use there will inevitably be residue, and you will notice that your hair becomes dry and dull. But this is not because the hair is immune to the shampoo. At this point, you can use a deep cleansing shampoo or deep scalp cleanser 1-2 times a month to remove the residue accumulated from daily shampooing and restore your hair’s natural oil production.

Question 4: What if I don’t use conditioner?

Answer:Who told you that conditioner is not necessary? Especially for those with fine hair who want to add volume and body to their hair, conditioner is the most essential part of their daily wash and care routine. The reason is that conditioner helps you to create a fuller and more voluminous hair when you follow up with a blow-dry, while fighting the damage caused by hot air. It’s also a good idea to switch up the washing and conditioning sequence to give your hair more volume. Celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas recommends using conditioner before shampoo in your shampoo routine. This will make your hair more hydrated, reduce hair fall and dryness, and leave it fuller and fluffier after washing. However, when applying the conditioner, please apply it from between the ears downwards, avoiding using the conditioner on the roots and scalp.

Question 5: Will hot water discolor and dry out dyed hair?

Answer: Yes, shampooing your human hair wigs with too hot water can easily cause color fading after dyeing, and too hot water will take away the moisture from your hair and dry it out. Therefore, please be careful not to wash your hair with water that is too hot. Heat can also damage your hair. When entering the sauna or shower, please put on the shower cap and take it off until you start washing your hair.


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