We’re constantly reinventing ourselves through our lives so that we can live our very best life at this moment, and look and feel our best. We don’t have to wear wigs in order to understand that we may need to make adjustments in our makeup, in our clothing choices, our hair color, and style choices as we get older. This article is mainly intended to provoke some thought as well as to give you an open mind about what it means to get older.

As a wig wearer and some of the mistakes that we can make us look older, and we may not feel our best and live our best life, so here’s the top five wig mistakes that can actually make us look a little older.

The first mistake you might make to make yourself look a little old in a wig is wearing wigs that are either too dark or too light in color.

Over time, as we age, everything changes. Our skin tone changes, and so does our hair color. Our skin tone changes, and so does our hair color. Therefore, even if you are wearing a wig, your eyebrows will become thinner. you know our pigment in our eyes in our lips everything changes. So sometimes we need to step back and reevaluate whether those colors that we’re wearing are still working for us. It may highlight the fact that you’re getting older, instead of really making you look you’re very best for where you and your skin is at.

At this time, ask your friends and your family for some really good honest feedback to get the most flattering look and to feel and look your best at your current age, you might need to change it up just a little bit. Don’t forget some of the greys and silvers, there’s a lot of grey and silver out there in the wig world right now. That is highly dynamic and can flatter you.

The second wig mistake that can actually make you look a little bit older is to continue to wear a wig that has too much density.

We really love that density when we’re younger, but naturally, as you age, your hair just naturally thins, not only do you have less hair active hair follicles, but each one of the hair strands will thin in nature. now, that’s all very subjective. According to genetics and things like that, but in general, that is what happens.

So in order to look your best at the very age, that may mean adjusting to some lighter density styles and you can still have volume and a sculpted look without having a large heavy density. so you may need to look at some lighter density styles or some more layered styles to your wig wardrobe to make you look more youthful.

Number three in the top five wig mistakes that can actually make you look a little older is by getting stuck in a rut where you have to have that long, straight style.

The length makes a difference because as we age, we all know that we’re subject to the sagging of the skin on the face, and that can be exacerbated and emphasized by a wig style that has a long straight front. It can pull the face down, even more, and your eyes your cheeks your lips your mouth and everything.
So ladies, as you get older have an open mind about your wig style because a little bit of fringe and layers can make a huge difference. So if you like a really long style without layers, just try getting something with a few of layers around the face, a little bit of texture and fringe around the face will work wonders for aging and sagging skin.

In order to look and feel your best and most youthful according to your age, you might need to come out of that time warp and take a look at some more modern wig styles.

you could have the most beautiful youthful-looking wig out there, but if you didn’t smile, if you didn’t act confidently, if you didn’t engage, then it was going to make you look older. If you frowned a lot, if you had a scowl on your face, if you hid away, people are naturally going to think you are older than you actually look, you could have a face full of wrinkles, and it doesn’t matter as long as you’re smiling, and you’ve got a light behind your eyes, and you act with confidence, and you stay engaged in this world, you’re naturally going to look more youthful. So the wigs can help, but you really have to take care of yourself, your mind, your body, and your soul. If you’re not smiling, if you’re not taking care of yourself, if you don’t have a positive attitude towards life or wigs or whatever it may be that can actually make you look a little bit older, so be a confident smile, be positive and kind.

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