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Peek-a-boo is associated with a lot of our childhood fun memories. This kind of reminds me of the excited, cute little face of my sister’s baby when someone plays peek-a-boo with her. Just the idea of hiding and revealing one’s face brings a lot of excitement to her. What’s more fun than bringing all this excitement to our adulthood.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, UniWigs is back again with another groundbreaking hair product. This new hairpiece will make you the talk of the town this season. This vibrant hair extension is about to change the game in the hair industry, drum roll, please…it’s The Folli Peek a boo hair 18″ Synthetic Hair Extension. The whole idea of this peek a boo hair extension is that you get to hide some of your favorite hair colors beneath your natural hair and reveal them or flaunt them at your own desired time depending on mood and occasion. Peek a boo highlights have always been in fashion but this new product has brought this style to another level. It’s now as simple as clipping and clipping off the extensions. Gone are the days of taking a lot of time dying your hair and not getting the correct shade of color in some instances.

How do you install it?

Installing this hairpiece is quite easy and straightforward. All you have to do is part your hair from ear to ear or a bit higher depending on the position, you want the extension to be. Clip this extension to the lower layer of hair at the back of your head by simply twisting the clips in your hair to secure it, almost like you are trying to comb your hair and then cover it with the top hair.

If you are to run your fingers through your hair the colors below kind of peek out and show. If there is hardly any movement the under lights are not visible, this look is perfect for work and other casual events too. Generally most reserved people shy away from putting bold colors in their hair but these under lights fix this by giving you the choice to flaunt your bold and edgy look when you desire to only. You can actually try a ponytail with hair peeking out or try a braiding pattern that allows stripes of color to be revealed.


The Follie hair extension is 18″ long and it comes in two colors namely, Peacock and Iceberg. One can get excited just by hearing these two names. These under lights do exactly that… highlight your hair and elevate your general look. Another exciting thing to note is that it is not time-consuming and you can easily install and uninstall it. This hair extension is also heat resistant up to 300 °F/ 148 °C, this means you can actually straighten your hair extension for a more refined straight hair look and you can curl it as well if you’re going for a wavy hairdo. The experiments are endless!

The name implies it all, what a fun way of switching things up with hair extensions. The Folli Peek a boo extension comes in different shades catering to different looks for all personality types. One thing they all have in common is that they are guaranteed to change someone’s general mood. Talk about looking boogie, this is the way.

Another thing to admire about these new extensions is that they replace the need to dye your hair with various hair dyes that may actually result in hair damage. These amazing under-lights allow you to achieve the same look without damaging your hair or exposing it to any potential harm by chemicals. The Peacock and the Iceberg extensions are suitable for both light and dark skin tones. It is a unique and relevant gift for friends and family members on their birthdays as well.

The Peacock Peek A Boo Hair ExtensionSynthetic Hair Extension

The Peacock extension comes in a good-looking purple and dark pink color, these are the most mysterious and appealing hair colors, in my opinion, just imagine the beautiful colors of a peacock and how the peacock confidently displays its feathers. This is exactly how l envision myself with this extension. It will definitely be a surprise to the people you’re hanging out with, and definitely a source of admiration from your friends. The purple and pink colors blend is the new trend in this season and is probably not going anywhere soon, do well and get your mysterious hairpiece from UniWigs.

The Iceberg Peek A Boo Hair Extension

The iceberg extension comes in an ash blue at the roots and then blonde. The combination of these two colors is perfect for people who don’t want to go for a bold bright color, this color combination almost has a pastel vibe to it and l just love it. It reminds me of winter and snow or a chilly day and the sky is blue with a few snow-white clouds. This will really go well with dark hair color like dark brown, black, or brunette, the impeccable contrast will just be perfect. Go ahead and mix your dark hair with this light peek-a-boo extension to get the best look in these high contrast shades. It can also be worn with some bright colors for that bright contrast of colors. One of the things l like about the Folli hair extension is that it is suitable for any skin tone.


The Folli hair extension is one hairpiece every woman should have in their collection of wigs and hair accessories. You ought to try this at one point in your life. Why should you have it you may ask, well let me guarantee you this, it is easy to maintain, heat resistant, glamorous, affordable, and easy to install. This effortless look will have you looking fabulous and chic. To order for yourself and a friend just simply check out our trending peek-a-boo under lights. Get creative and pick your favorite hair extensions.

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