Why you need a wig band for your wig

wig bands

If you’re wondering how you can get your wig to stay comfortably on your head and lay flat without using sticky and uncomfortable glue or tape, then you need to consider trying a wig band! Perfect for sensitive scalps, enhancing comfort, or total hair loss, a wig band is a great help and something I wish I knew about sooner.

wig band
wig band

What you need to know

I love wig bands and I wear them in all my wigs. It’s gotten to the point now where I can’t wear a wig now without a wig band. Wig bands are great because the band holds securely around your head and stops the wig from moving around! Basically, it is a large elastic band that you normally have to sew into your wig yourself. You can usually buy them very affordably online or in your local wig store. But whenever I shop with UniWigs human hair wigs, they always send me a complimentary wig band with my human hair wig! So, I use that one to sew into my wig lining.

how to use wig band
how to use wig band

How do you use them?

If the band is not sewn in (likely it isn’t), you should sew in the wig band to the inner lining of your wig. This is also known as the “Elastic Band method”. You will need some scissors, a needle and thread, and of course the wig band and your wig. If you wanted to sew in any clips or combs for extra security, you could also do that too!
So it is important to measure the wig band before you just start sewing it in. It needs to fit you properly so the wig will be secure on you and not too loose.
1. To measure the band, hold the band to the top of one ear, and then wrap the band around the bottom of the nape of your neck until it reaches the top of your other ear. Then cut off any excess length that surpasses this point.
2. Next, position the band at the bottom of the inner wig cap lining. Position it so it would wrap around the nape of your neck and up to the ears.
3. After that, sew in the band. It is important to remember to use thread that is the same color as your wig hair! For example, if your wig hair is black, use black thread to sew the band. If your wig hair is blonde, its best to use a cream colored thread.

Here is a really useful video to sew in your wig band.

I hope this post helped you and inspired you to try different methods of securing your wig down such as the wig band. If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

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