Why Lace Front Wigs So popular: 4 Tips You Should Know About That

Why so popular?


For most of people, when they want to make their hair cut a change but don’t want to neither spend hours boxing in the hair of salon nor damage their hair, they will choose to wear a wig. And among various of wigs,lace front wig is a hot option. Why? So many people tend to try on it. Why is it so popular. We have concluded 4 tips about lace front wigs for you, including what a lace front wig is, its advantages, how to wear it and how to maintain a lace front wig.

Firstly, what is alace front wig?


Nowadays most wigs are lace wigs which are made of lace as their hair cap. And unlike a full lace wig which has lace all around, a lace front wig only has lace in the front. That means lace front wigs are more natural and hard to be detected. When you watch some TV dramas especially those at the background of ancient time, you may see a transparent headline on their forehead, that is the lace part of the kind of wig. So you can see that lace front wigs are not only one of the best options for consumers, but also celebrities choice.

Secondly, advantages of a lace front wig

A lace front wig has about 5 advantages, they are as follows:

  1. Extremely realistic: That’s the best edge of lace front wigs I like. When you wear a wig to meet your friend, he or she, without any awareness of the wig, may be surprising at your new hair cut and asking where you reshape your hair style. And you may say, well I just got a perfect wig, did you tell it. That’s the where lace front wig’s charming lies—to bring you a totally different but natural look.


  1. Versatility: Our lace front wigs are made from human hair, so they are human hair lace front wigs which can be styled. Perm, dying and blanching can be done on your lace front wig, in case you get tired of one style.
  2. Adjustable: Unlike full lace wigs whose wig caps are made from lace entirely without adjusting band, the lace front one have pieces of lace and canvas to form the wig caps with adjustable band at its back, allowing you to adjust an appropriate size.
  3. Not expensive: Although full lace wigs are more breathable thanlace front wigs, after all lace is more delicate than canvas, for beginners who don’t know how to maintain a wig correctly a fragile full lace wig might be costly and a lace front wig with a relatively lower price can be a good choice. Why not use the money you spend on one expensive full lace wig to try on more styles of lace front wigs.
  4. Lighter than other wigs: one of the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs lies in their weight. Human hair wigs are more heavy than synthetic wigs. However, lace front wigs are lighter than other human hair wigs. Lace front wig caps are usually lighter and thinner than full lace or monofilament cap wigs, which make them more comfortable to wear, especially in the hot summer.

Thirdly, how to wear a lace front wig

Some people may be confused about how to wear a lace front wig, especially seeing their disordered hair after struggling to wear the wig for the first time, how to wear a lace front wig can be a compulsory lesson for people who are looking forward to changing but have clumsy hands.

There are two types of lace front wigs—glue necessary and glue-less in terms of wearing methods.

A. Glue necessary lace front wigs: there are 4 steps to wear a lace front wig.

Step1: wrap hair in the wig cap.

Step2: glue the lace edges and place the wig on your head.

Step3: apply the glued edges to the hairline.

Step4: lower and adjust the lace edges to make sure they stick to your head.

B. Glue-less wig: to wearglue-less wig 3 steps are as follows:

Step1: wrap your hair in the wig cap.

Step2: put on the wig.

Step3: adjust the adjustment belt according to your head size.


At last, how to maintain a lace front wig

In daily life, we can use a wide tooth comb to comb the wig, avoiding it tangling and falling. And at sometimes we can put hair care oil on the wig to moisten the hair. When it comes to how to clean the wigs. Don’t use regular shampoo and conditioner, whose high-ph contains may damage the hair of your wig. Try to use low-ph shampoos and conditioners designed for wigs. Tepid and warm water is ok when cleaning, hot water will also dry and damage your wig. After cleaning, you can gently wipe off the water, and put it in a ventilated place to naturally, but don’t use a hair dryer.


In conclusion, compared to regular wigs,
a human hair lace front wig maybe a little more difficult to wear and maintain, but it has all advantages of human hair wigs over synthetic wigs, including natural and can be styled.It is even more realistic than other human hair wigs. In addition, compared to full lace wigs, lace front wigs cost less and are more durable in spite of their nearly same effectiveness on your hair style.

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