Lace Front Wigs and Their Features, Here are 4 Tips

Have you ever noticed the hairline of characters in TV dramas, especially in costume dramas? If you look carefully, you will find a line on their forehand near their hair. The line is the artificial hair line of the wig, since most of actors and actresses have to wear wigs in costume drama. The artificial hairline has been expanded to audiences by cameras, forming an inevitable mistake in series producing field. However, in daily life, it is equally difficult to enhance the realistic quality of our wigs. In pursuing the so-called natural or realistic look, a wide range of wigs have been produced, including lace front wigs.

This article will give you 4 tips on Lace front wigs, including the definition of the lace front wigs, the types of wigs, the advantages of lace front wigs over other types and how does a lace front wig differ from other types of wigs.

What are lace front wigs?

A lace front wig refers to the wig whose cap has lace only in the front portion that covers the forehand of the wig cap. And the rest of the cap might be wefted. This kind of wig allows customers to arrange their own hairlines by adjusting and cutting the lace part covering the forehead. Lace front wigs, especially human hair lace front wigs, can give people the most natural-looking hairlines.

Other types of wigs

Apart from lace front wigs, there are 5 types of wigs: full lace wigs, monofilament wigs, combination wigs, polyurethane thin wigs and capless wigs in terms of the construction of the wig caps.

  • Full Lace Wig: As the name tells, full lace wigs have the sheer lace mesh cover the whole base of the wig. This type of wig is suitable and breathable, as the sheer lace enables ventilate the wig. It has the same realistic hairline as a lace front wig and what’s more it allows its wearer to part his or her hair thanks to its lace material that makes it look as if the hair is growing directly. However, the materials and complex crafts have lifted the cost. Compared with lace front wigs, this type of wigs is expensive. In addition, they own a low durability for the lace material.


  • Monofilament wig: A monofilament wig uses either polyester or nylon micro mesh. The material is more softer and breathable than any other wig cap material. If you are worried by thinning and balding hair, or sensitive skin, Mono can be your choice. And on the cap, each hair strand is hand tied, which, combing with mesh at the crown of the cap, give the wig a natural and realistic look. However, fully hand-tied is very expensive, for most customers, it’s over their budget.

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  • Combination Wig: This kind of Wig features a combination of hand-tied portions and machine-sewn portions. A combination wig resembles the monofilament and look natural on crown part. But styling is limited due do the machine sewn portions that may be exposed by some hair styles like updo or ponytail.

  • Polyurethane thin wig: This type of wigs, also known as PU thin wig, is made from organic polymer or plastic called polyurethane. It has more natural scalp base than the Mono, and easily attach to wig wig tapes and adhesive. However, PU thin wigs are more catering to women suffering from serious hair loss or going through. For those who just want to change a look, wearing a PU thin wig looks like having another scalp floating on our head. What’s more, the material of PU has less ability to ventilation, which means wearing the wig maybe very sweaty.

  • Capless wig: Also known as open-wefted or open cap wig, A capless wig is totally machine sewn. It has a cap-like structure that usually formed by rows of hair wefts. It is the most basic, affordable and accessible type of wigs. Although Capless wigs embrace no natural scalp, they are durable and easy to maintain.

Advantages of lace front wigs

Of all the types mentioned, Lace front wigs enjoy the most popularity for some reasons:more durable than full lace wigs; more realistic than wefted wigs; more breathable than PU skin and wefted wigs; and more affordable than all types of wigs except wefted wigs.

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How does a lace front wig differ from other types of wigs

When it comes to select, how can we find lace front wigs exactly. We should focus on the features that enable lace front wigs to differ from other types of wigs.

The first and foremost feature of lace front wigs is their construction, in which lace only contributes the fronts part of the wig cap. Around 1.5 to 3 inches of lace are on the front of the wig, covering the forehead. And the rest part of the cap is usually a little thicker and there might be sewn in clips to ensure the wig stay in place.

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Secondly, we can tell lace front wigs from their price which is much more reasonable, higher than basic wefted wigs but acceptable than the rest types of wigs.

In conclusion, as the growth of wig market, lace front wig is expanding its reach. Lace front wigs represent the most appropriate choice for most of customers who want to change their look and take care of the comfort and natural features of a wig, but don’t want to lavish their budgets. By the way, we UniWigs has been specialized in wigs including human lace front wigs. In our shops, a wide variety of lace front wigs are provided. Men can find men's lace front wigs, and women can find women lace front wigs. If you are pursueing extremly realistic, a human hair lace front wig is waiting for you.

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