A Guide on How to Safely Remove a Lace Front Wig

If you are not familiar with lace front wigs, installing them and removing them might be a mystery. I can testify to the fact that l was clueless as to how other ladies effectively removed their lace front wigs without damaging the lace. The lace front looks so delicate and l had no doubt there had to be some special steps to removing the wig safely. I always thought it was some rocket science that l could not fathom but l was wrong. It is as simple as ABC. If you plan on owning a lace front wig in the future or you already do and you have no idea how you can remove the installed lace front, this article is for you.


Just as you prepare for anything important, you should also prepare well for the process of removing your lace front wig. You don’t want to be the person running from point A to B because you are missing some things and probably skipping some important steps in the process. Get your warm water, solvent, or any ingredients you might need to make your solvent. Have your cream, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap if needed, and something to help you apply the solvent to your lace front. As part of preparation also tie your hair up so you don’t end up applying some of your solvents on your hair.

Skin test

Our skins have different levels of reactions to chemicals. Testing the sensitivity of your skin is one of the most important steps for you to take. You don’t want to go through a process of skin treatment when it was supposed to be a straightforward process. You must try out your solvent for removing or adhesive when you are installing before actually applying it to your whole hairline. Some have reported cases of reacting to solvents and adhesives. A great way to avoid this is to start by trying the solvent or adhesive on a small portion of your skin, your wrist would be ok but some also try it on their thigh, the option is yours. You can apply it and check the results after 24 hours. If there is no reaction you can go ahead and use the product on your hairline but if you do react, it is best to discard the solvent and look for another safe option for you.

Apply solvent

This stage requires a lot of patience. It determines if you are going to successfully remove your wig or not, it is very easy to tear your lace front at this point but worry not, because we have a variety of things that you do to remove your wig but we will look at two of those options. The safest way to remove your lace front wig is to use petroleum jelly. All you need to do is to apply the petroleum jelly and leave it there for a while, remove it using a wet towel gently and repeat the process until your lace front is removed. Another option is to use a mixture of water and salt or soda, this process might take about 15 minutes. Mix your ingredients and spray them on your lace front and cover your head using a shower cap. Wait for a while and then gently remove the wig. Both these methods are safe for everyone as they don’t involve any harmful chemicals. If you have highly sensitive skin, don’t go for alcohol-based solvents, you can go for other options such as the ones we have discussed before. In as much as it may be tempting to remove your wig in one go when it seems all the glue is detached from your skin, don’t try it. It is always best to work in sections, it is better to exercise patience to keep your wig in a good condition. You don’t want a situation where you mistakenly tear your wig or hurt yourself whilst trying to rush the process. Patience is key.

Clean your face and wig

When you have safely removed your wig, you can go ahead to wash your face and wig. Clean the hairline of any remaining adhesive and apply oil to soften your skin. Use your favorite shampoo to clean your wig. You can wash it gently and all deep condition it before allowing it to dry out. Don’t forget to use a large comb or your finger to detangle before washing it so that your human hair wig does not shed. Some practices may lead to the hair shedding a lot during the washing process, handle your wig with utmost care. It is always best to allow it to air dry instead of using a blower or any other artificial way of drying your wig, this reduces damage. If you had a wig cap under your wig, throw it away and buy a new one online or from a salon. Your wig cap is not to be used twice.

Store your wig

A number of us are guilty of putting our wigs in unconventional places and we wonder why they don’t last long. l was one of the people who used to just put my wigs at a convenient place for me but not really for my wig. After you wash and dry your wig, you should either put it on a wig stand or in a plastic bag. A wig stand, however, is the best choice as it allows your wig to maintain the same style compared to folding it into plastic.

Wash your natural hair

We should not mainly focus on taking care of our human hair wigs to the point that we neglect our hair. After uninstalling a wig, we ought to wash and condition our natural hair so that it also stays in good condition.


It is a beautiful experience when we wear our human hair wigs and slay in them. It is even a more lovely experience when we know how to safely install and uninstall our wigs. If it has been challenging to go about it, this is a guide you can use to do it all by yourself. If you need a person to guide you in person, don’t hesitate to go to a salon to receive the help that you need. Let’s equip ourselves with all the skills we need in our hair beauty journey.




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