About hair topper, are you worried about the fixation of the wig

Many people who suffer from localized hair loss choose to buy hair toppers. although it is only localized, in general, the overall hair volume of people suffering from hair loss is thinning. Therefore, whether hair topper can be firmly fixed on one’s hair becomes a concern for many people.

Who doesn’t want to look as natural as their real hair when they wear a wig? Especially for people with hair loss, when friends and loved ones around you find out that you are wearing a wig, it is an embarrassing thing in itself.

Many topper products use the same clips as in the picture below, and the position of the clips is completely different for toppers that are customized for different locations of hair loss. However, you can clearly see that there is a gap between the clips, which does not guarantee that the topper can cover a large area of your hair, and the fixation effect will be greatly reduced.

If you are also troubled with this kind of problem, then check out UniWigs Hair velcro grippers, which are specifically designed to hold wigs in place. It also works very simply, if you have used some of the bangs hair stickers on the market, then you should be well aware of the ability of this product to fix your hair. After zooming in on the grippers, you will find that its front and back sides are evenly covered with “small hooks”, which can stick very firmly to your hair when they touch your hair.

This product is oval in shape and uniform in size. The nice thing about it is that you can cut it manually to fit your wig. But for most users, we do not recommend that you change its shape at will. It is designed as an oval shape because the rounded edges can be better hidden inside the wig and it is the right size for our topper products.

For the question mentioned at the beginning of the article – people with partial hair loss have very little hair in the real part of the wig that needs to be fixed. Does this affect the fixity of Hair velcro grippers? But it is not. In fact, as long as you still have a thin layer of hair, it will work.

It is also simple to use, to understand the specific wearing method, please watch the following video.

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