What Can Hair Extensions Do for You

Do you always feel like your hair is growing slowly? In addition to using shampoos that help hair growth, you can also use hair extensions to have smooth hair immediately. Hair extension is clearly more popular. Many beauties choose to go to a salon for hair extensions, where they can experience the professional hairdressing services of the salon. At the same time, the high price of hair extensions at hair salons can be difficult for many people to accept. Then, Uniwigs becomes your best choice.
You can find out how many nice extensions are available in Uniwig’s online store through https://www.uniwigs.com/. But today, we must recommend one of the extensions that everyone loves, we named it Andrey. As one of the clip in hair extensions, Andrey has ten different hair colors for you to choose from. The sixteen-foot length means you can not only have long hair, but also you can trim the length of extensions to suit your preference.

Clip-in Remy Human Hair classic clip-in hair extensions

The above set of comparative diagrams shows the advantages of Audrey to the fullest. We mentioned at the beginning of the article that clip in hair extensions is different from salon hair extensions. These clip-in hair extensions can be simply applied by yourself at home. First you need to choose one clip in extension with a similar color according to your hair. You can then separate your hair into different layers. At last, you should clip the extensions to your hair in this way according to the divided layers. In other words, clip-in hair extension is a wig that is freely removable. But you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will stay securely in your hair because of this. Each of our extensions comes with multiple clips to ensure that the piece stays in place and the extensions look natural.


Audrey is the best choice for the people with a hair length of 12″-20″, and it was made with 100% Remy human hair. That means Andry has good heat resistant as you can use an curling iron to style your hair. To ensure your hair curls look natural and lovely, you can straighten your hair roots and curl the ends.
Hair extensions can help you not only in your daily styling, but also in some important occasions. The Andry is long enough to give you the perfect braided look, and it will enrich your own hair volume and make the braid fuller. You just need to be careful not to braid your hair too close to the roots, as this will make the extension clips show through.
In a nutshell, clip-in hair extensions can take the hassle out of styling your hair. Then aren’t you ready to check out our official website? At uniwigs online store, you may find that Andry is not the only hair extensions you want.

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