How to: cut the lace on a wig by yourself

For people who are new to the world of ear-to-ear lace wigs, the first tough task might be cutting the lace on the wig. Even after watching tons of YouTube How-To Videos, some people might still can’t figure out how to cut the lace around ears by one’s self. It will be amazing if someone can help you cut it while the wig is being worn on your head, but what can I do if I don’t know anyone who could help me do this and I have to cut it by myself?

To correctly cut the lace on your wig, you will need a hair cutting scissor, a white eyeliner pencil, hair clips, a hair band and a comb or brush.

Step 1
First put your wig on and pull the hair back into a ponytail and secure with your hair band. Secure the hair on the sides with your hair clips. Looking in the mirror adjust wig to make sure it is properly centered.

Step 2
Use the white eyeliner pencil and mark where you want to cut the hairline. Then, double-check your marking to ensure that your hairline is correct and exactly where you would like it.

Step 3
Remove the wig and turn it inside out and use your hair cutting scissor to cut the lace along the marked line. It is very important that you line up the blades as you trim to ensure an even jagged pattern.

Step 4
Place your wig onto your head to check the alteration. If further alteration is needed, repeat previous steps.

Another great tutorial to watch:

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