Knowledges about wigs, extensions or hair pieces

Wigs, extensions or hair pieces made of human hair undergo intense chemical processing during their production, to maintain them correctly, it is necessary to use specially formulated care products; It is important to only use products that are specific for this type of wigs, do not use standard products that you use as normal, since chemical products can reduce their life. It is preferable that you invest in quality products.

It is not necessary to wash them daily, in fact, it is not recommended; Every time you wash your wig, its useful life is shortened, therefore it must be washed strictly as necessary. If you use as little styling products as possible on your wig, you will keep it clean for longer and also wear a wig cap underneath that will help absorb the oils from the scalp.

The normal thing is that you wash your wig when you have worn it a couple of weeks, use your common sense; the less you wash it, the longer it will last.

Always store your wig in a holder that is smaller than the wig cap, to prevent it from stretching. And it is preferable that you keep it in a place where it does not get direct sunlight. If you are going to be without using it for a long time, protect it with a cloth or cotton bag.

Do not wear a wig while sleeping, it can cause hair loss or breakage.

Over time your wig will lose hair, it is totally natural and a natural part of its cycle.

On the other hand, it is important that you avoid contact with chlorinated water, sea water and hot water, if you want to take a bath you do not want to show your head uncovered, it is better that you use a bandana or swimming cap.

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