UniWigs 101: What is the best time to replace my human hair wig?


Human hair wigs can make life easier. You can get a perfect hairstyle and hair color in an instant without sitting in a salon chair for hours. Human hair wigs usually have a lifespan of 6 months to 1.5 years depending on frequency of use and care. Human hair wigs are relatively expensive and you do not want to replace them and buy new ones so frequently. So when should I replace your human hair wig? Here are a few indicators that it’s time for you to replace your wig.

human hair
human hair

1. The hair loses its shine and become so dry and it cannot be maintained and fixed.
2. The ends are frayed and split throughout the entirety of the piece for the hair is dry frizzy and gets matted or tangled much easier than when you first bought it
3. Your wig is experiencing a significant loss of hair and is beyond a stylist or manufacturer adding the hair back into it.
4. The wig cap becomes stretched out or gets loose and no longer fits properly. If your lace seems to be stretched out or your monofilament is torn, be sure to get a consultation from UniWigs support team (email us at support@uniwigs.com) first to see if it can be repaired before throwing it out.

Your human hair wigs won’t last forever, but you have to be aware that most damage done is preventable by regularly washing, conditioning, caring and combing through your pieces.

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