Human hair wigs are wigs that are made out of real human hair and are designed to look and appear as if its your real hair. Wigs are definitely important and are on a high trend in the recent days. Depending on the type of wig you choose whether its curly, wavy or straight you can cut it, curl it more or less or color it so that it fits your vibe. Wigs are well known to be a great protective style option as they cover your head’s natural hair from any potential damage while giving you the chance to work with all types of looks. Human hair are fabulously versatile when it comes to styling many of them can actually be permed and colored and styled just like your own hair. Wig styling is very crucial in keeping the hair looking at its best and the styling procedures requires as much care and attention as your natural hair. Styling your wig does not require much perfection as your natural hair, that is avoiding each and every flaw its only about keeping the hair firmly in place as you move about on your day.

When styling human hair wigs there are so many factors that need to be taken under consideration such as the hair type, the hair density, the hair color and the kinds and amount of products used on the hair. First and foremost you need to use products that are designed for human hair wigs so as to make sure that the human hair wig’s hair quality is maintained and controlled during the styling process. In comparison with our natural human hair we can see that natural hair has higher oil levels as compared to human hair wigs and so applying the correct and a given range of products to it helps to maintain and keep its qualities even when styling. Also before styling you need to prep the wig the same way you prep your own natural hair before styling, this involves a series of procedures such as making sure that the wig is full entangled using a de-tangling brush to brush it smoothly from the ends all the way to the roots in a easy way in order to avoid a ton of breakage. Also you need to apply a light leave in conditioner on the wig in order to increase its moisture levels also applying a heat protectant spray in order to protect it from heat damage. If you don’t want to use a lot of products then you can opt to use a 2 in 1 product that can hydrate and protect. For wavy or curly hair it is always advised to use a curl enhancing leave in product and letting the product air dry itself or using a blow drier to dry it out and this helps providing a well defined texture.

When wearing a wig the possibilities to style it are endless and thus it provides you with a variety of options on your looks, always remember to braid the natural hair underneath the wig as this will help secure and hold the shape of the wig on your head and thus possible to style it anyhow. If you are going to have a straight look on your human hair wig you have to first have a heat test on your wig using strands of the hair in order to determine if the hair can withstand the heat and don’t forget to spray it with heat protectant spray as this is very crucial even if the wig is heat resistant after carrying the heat test. The texture of the hair plays a very vital role in the styling of the wig because depending on the texture of the hair is how you can style and perform different designs on the hair such as making it curled, or wavy or straight looking and at the same time kinky too and thus able to design the hair into gorgeous designs for a more defined look.

Another thing to keep into consideration is to never style a human hair wig whilst it being wet, this is due top the reason that when the wig is wet it can damage the construction of the whole wig and thus ruining it entirely. Once the wig is washed you have to let it dry out completely and later combing it slowly and gently entangling it while placed on a wig head or a wig stand, if the air drying process feels too slow it can be sped up by using a hair drier on low or medium heat and remember to use a heat spray top avoid damaging the hair with heat. Always remember not to comb the wig mesh as this could damage the construction of the wig keep in mind the combing process should be gentle and slowly by removing the tangles first using a wide tooth comb and later you can tease up the look of the wig from its volume using gentle motions as well and use the wig spray in order to keep the style in place longer. The easiest way to achieve better wig styles is if the wig is placed on your own head as this also saves time with the notion that once done you are all ready to go as well, but if its not possible and feel like you wont be able to reach he back side of the wig then you can place it on a wig head or wig stand and style it then later placing it on your head. If you are going to style it whilst on your head you can consider using a chin strap so that the wig doesn’t move while styling it and thus giving you the freedom to use both hands when styling. As natural hair requires much care and attention same is with human hair wig, a wig care set needs to be bought along with the wig in order to have the necessary oils and sprays needed in maintaining the appearance and quality of the wig. A wig that is not well taken of doesn’t offer much styling options as compared to a wig that is well taken of, a wig care set offers optimal care for deep, penetrating and intensive care shampoo and balsam that will make the human hair wig smooth, soft and give it a silky gloss look on each and every style done on it.

As said before that wig styling is a more recent agenda in the world today it sure do come with a lot of demands as the natural hair on our heads, we should always avoid constantly heat-styling our wigs in order to avoid the heat damage, also it is advised to have a wash day for the wig and on the wash day try as much as possible to avoid the blow drying method rather opt to use the air drying method instead. We as well should avoid using products with silicone especially when cleansing the wig before styling it as these products can make the hair to fall due to holding the moisture leaving the wig looking very dry instead we should always opt for products that moisturize the wig properly and protect it leaving the wig in its original look. Using hair bobbles, wig clips or any other hair accessory pieces and ponytails helps in creating more styles and wig hair dos. if your wig length is shoulder length or longer, a half up or half down style will look great and flatter your face especially in the summer season and want to fall the hair back whilst maintaining full coverage, for longer wig lengths try a messy up do or a loose pony tail for a on trend style and try to make it as more natural as possible with some hair strands falling on your face.

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