Human Hair Wig Vs. Human Hair Blend Wig

Your hair tends to draw more attention than you think. It is a core part of your body and beautifies and complements you. Without healthy hair, one can fail the chances of looking the most striking person. Maintaining natural hair is very challenging. Due to stress, anxiety, or nutritional deficiency, one can lose a great deal of hair.

Fret not! The hair industry is working day and night to come up with solutions that will clear all your problems. You can get hair systems, wigs, hairpieces, hair supplies, and more. Also, you can purchase human hair wigs or human hair blends to convey the most natural look.

What is a Human Hair Wig?

The human hair wig is constructed with original human hair. It not only looks natural but also behaves the same way. Unlike a synthetic wig, it cannot retain the styling after washing. They are way more expensive than a synthetic wig.

However, it can pay off the money with its durability. So, with proper care, you can achieve 1-2 years of life. It requires the same maintenance that you’ll provide to your natural hair. On top of it, they can get damaged after repetitive styling.

You’ll have to condition it daily, as the natural oils generated from your scalp won’t benefit it. Even with the maintenance as a drawback, it is worth it.

What is a Human Hair Bend Wig?

The human hair blend wig is composed of both human and synthetic hair. It gives you a natural hair look but also requires less maintenance. You might know that an entire human hair wig is heavier than a synthetic wig. However, the human hair blend wig is slightly lighter than the human wig and a bit heavier than the synthetic wig.

It is less expensive than a human hair wig. It can pull off the look of natural hair. However, it takes less time to style these wigs, and the style retains longer than the human hair wig.

Human Hair Wig Vs. Human Hair Blend Wig

Both human hair and human hair blend wig may look the same. Also, telling the difference between them is very tricky and challenging. It would be best to stay cautious as some of the wig’s suppliers may trick you. Here is the list of differences in each category. Be sure to consider it before purchasing.

Weight of the Wig

Most people tend to ignore the weight of the wig. However, it draws a significant difference between the two wigs. The human hair wig is composed of human hair, so it tends to be heavier and burdening.

On the other hand, purchasing a human hair blend will be less heavy than a human hair wig. So, make sure to weigh them to tell the difference.

Based on how it feels

You can also tell the difference between the two by touching them if you touch a human wig. It will feel the same as natural hair. On the contrary, if you touch a human hair blend wig, it will feel like natural hair and synthetic hair. Before purchasing these two wigs, run your fingers across them to tell the difference.

The Retention of Style

There is a significant difference in the retention of style in both wigs. If you purchase a human hair wig, you’ll have to style it repeatedly. You’ll have to restyle it even after a single wash, as it behaves like natural hair.

However, if you use a human hair blend, you won’t be bothered by repetitive styling. It can retain the style for a long time. Even if you wash it, the style will stay the same.


The price of the human hair blend wig and human hair wig also varies. If you purchase a human hair wig, it will cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are way cheaper. Therefore, purchasing the human hair blend will be slightly cheaper than your human hair wig.


The human hair wigs require more maintenance. After purchasing a human hair wig, you’ll have to wash and condition it on a scheduled basis. If you don’t condition them, they can’t last long.

The human hair wig contains partial synthetic hair. So, due to synthetic hair is more manageable. You won’t be required to condition it every day. However, to maintain the fresh look of the wig, wash it at least once a week.

The lifespan of The Wigs

The lifespan of a human hair wig can be over a year. However, if you don’t take care of it, it is prone to damage so it can be less than a year. On the other hand, a human hair blend wig can effortlessly last up to 3-4 years maximum.


The human hair wig can have adverse effects due to climatic changes. After you wear it in sunlight, it can be damaged. However, the human hair blend wig is more durable and last longing.

Where to Purchase Human Hair and Human Hair Blend Wigs?

When it comes to purchasing wigs, you need to be highly crucial. It concerns your hair and your outlook. So, always invest in those brands that can bring value to your money. If you’re looking for a brand that fits these standards, then UniWigs is the best pick.

UniWigs have been producing high-quality and durable wigs for many years. They have tons of variety that can help you choose what suits you the best. Whether you want to purchase a human hair wig or a human hair blend wig, you can find both in various styles in UniWigs.


Both human hair wigs and human hair blend wigs have their pros and cons. You can weigh the differences and purchase what suits you and your lifestyle the best. If you’re looking for a wigs supplier that meets your standards, you should try UniWigs.

They have a variety of subtle and fresh-looking wigs. You can purchase it from their online store and strike the most fabulous look wherever you go.

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